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Title : Research of significant parameters on paddy rice drying rate in variable temperature intermittent drying

Abstract :

Variable temperature intermittent drying is the important developing trend of hot air drying and prediction of drying rate is the basis for intelligent control of variable temperature intermittent drying. In order to confirm significant parameters on drying rate in variable temperature intermittent drying and establish moisture prediction model, variable temperature intermittent drying of rice variety Nanjing 9108 was performed in the pattern of drying stage Ⅰ (containing Initial Moisture Content, Drying Temperature Ⅰ and Moisture Content Reduction Ⅰ), tempering stage Ⅰ (containing Tempering Temperature and Intermittent Ratio) and drying stage Ⅱ (containing Drying Temperature Ⅱ and Drying Time Ⅱ). Significant parameters were confirmed by stepwise regression and the stepwise regression model was capable of predicting drying rate with an R2 of 0.94. The drying temperature Ⅱ has the most significant impact on the drying rate. Comparison with the model established by usual parameters in continuous drying proved that fully considering drying stage Ⅰ and tempering stage Ⅰ is a necessary condition for accurately predicting drying rate in drying stage Ⅱ in variable temperature intermittent drying.

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