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Title : Relationship with soil properties in sugarcane growing soils of Haryana

Abstract :

Soil nutrient content is a vital aspect for plant growth and crop production. Assessment of the nutrient status of a particular land use from time to time is quite important to check the nutrient mining and subsequent deficiencies (or build-ups). Nutrient content in the subsurface horizons is also important not only for the deep-rooted crops but for the assessment overall soil quality. Keeping these points in mind, an investigation was conducted in CCSHAU, Hisar, Haryana during 2018-19 wherein eight representative pedons of sugarcane growing soils of Haryana viz., Damla, Yamunanagar (P1), Shahabaad, Kurukshetra (P2), Karnal (P3), Kaithal (P4), Gorad, Sonipat (P5), Nidhani, Jind (P6), Mokhra, Rohtak (P7) and Meham, Rohtak (P8) were studied. Available nitrogen content in the soil profiles was found low ranging from 53 to 250 kg ha-1. The available phosphorous of the soils of all the pedon under investigation were found to be in low to medium range and varied from 4 to 20 kg ha-1. The DTPA-extractable Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn in mg kg-1 varied from 0.10 to 0.91, 0.22 to 6.12, 0.06 to 0.63 and 0.36 to 6.14 respectively. Both the macronutrients and micronutrients content decreased gradually throughout the depth due to decrease in organic matter content. Micronutrients showed a negative and significant correlation with pH indicating that accumulation of plant available forms of micronutrient is more in slightly acidic conditions rather than alkaline and sodic environment.

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