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Title : Reading Behaviour of Farmers in Sonipat District (Haryana), India

Abstract :

Agricultural modernization is possible when farm innovations are disseminated and reached effectively to its stakeholders through various communication media and channels. Print medium has great potential to change attitude and skills about new agricultural technology among farming community and motivating farmers to adopt new innovations. India had realized the power of printed media for the benefit of farming community. The use of print media as a potent source of information depends on the reading behavior of farmers. Therefore, present study was conducted using survey method in the state of Haryana with a sample size of 120 farmers to know the various dimensions of reading behavior in response to selected farm magazines and newspapers. The study revealed that majority of the farmers had low to medium level of reading behavior status with regard to farm magazines and newspapers. As far as awareness regarding name, more number of farmers were aware about the name of ‘Haryana Kheti’ and ‘Krishi Sanvad’ published by CCSHAU, Hisar and Information and Public Relations Department, Haryana, respectively, ‘Dainik Jagran’, ‘Dainik Bhaskar’, ‘Hari Bhoomi’ and ‘Punjab Keshri’ were found popular among farmers and few farmers were found aware about the newspaper ‘Kheti Duniya’, which exclusively publish agricultural and development news. The majority of farmers did not preserve farm information, however, they simply memorized and discussed it with fellow farmers and family members. All the personal and socio-psychological attributes except age were found to have positive correlation with the reading behavior of the farmers under study.

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