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Title : Rape as a source of vegetative protein in Ukraine

Abstract :

The objective of this research is to determine the role of cultivation, processing and usage of rapeseed in Ukraine. To reach the aim used biochemical, analytical and statistical methods. The study has shown that within recent year’s increased sown areas, crop capacity and gross rapeseed yield. Variety composition of rapeseed represented by over 300 varietal numbers and over 100 hybrids: just 3 with low erucic acid/high glucosinolate content, single with high erucic acid/low glucosinolate and the rest – «double-zero» (low erucic acid, low glucosinolate). According to biochemical analysis of rapeseed, by-products (press cake and meal) can be useful as fodder all species of animals and poultry. Biochemical evaluation of seed and their processing products from registered in Ukraine rapeseed varieties and hybrids indicates their high quality. Therefore, it is possible to increase the introduction of rapeseed press cake and meal from "00" varieties into diets of farm animals and poultry in 1.5-2 times compared with "0" varieties.

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