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Title : Quality parameters of Kodo and Little millet based instant soup mixes

Abstract :

Nowadays, there is considerable interest in the development of millet-based products as they are rich in nutrients and other phyto-nutrients possessing health benefits. Instant soup mixes gained extended popularity in the recent years, for providing convenience, variety and taste. So, millet based instant soup mixes is a way to blend millets with mixture of other ingredients in an acceptable manner that finds a ready market. Statistically significant difference at p≤0.01 was observed between control soup mixes and ESFs with respect to water activity, water holding capacity, water absorption index and water solubility index. The Bulk density ranged from 0.68 g/ml to 0.64 g/ml, rehydration ratio from 2.16 % to 2.37%, water holding capacity from 1.53 to 2.14, water activity from 0.48 to 0.50, water absorption index from 6.51 g/100g to 2.88 g/100g and water solubility index from 6.88 g/100g to 5.65 g/100g for the soup mixes. Statistically significant difference at p≤0.01 was found between control and ESFs with respect to moisture, protein, fat, crude fiber, carbohydrates and energy contents. Moisture content ranged from 5.63% to 7.13 %, protein from 5.56 g/100g to 11.40 g/100g, fat from 0.63 g/100g to 2.80 g/100g, ash from 2.07 g/100g to 0.63 g/100g, crude fiber from 1.00 g/100g to 3.32 g/100 g, carbohydrate content from 85.12 g/100g and 74.46 g/100g and energy content from 369.0 K. Cal/100g to 359.4 K. Cal/100g for the soup mixes. Protein, fat, ash and crude fiber content of ESFs was significantly higher than the control soup mix.

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