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Title : Pyramiding of Stripe Rust Resistance Genes Yr10 and Yr15 in Elite Indian Wheat Cultivars Using Phenotypic and Marker Assisted Selection

Abstract :

The present study was undertaken to pyramid two effective stripe rust resistance genes Yr10 and Yr15 in susceptible local wheat cultivar RSP 561, high yielding wheat variety HD 2967 and a promising cultivar WH 1080 suitable for rain fed situations. In order to pyramid effective Yr genes in adapted susceptible varieties recurrent parents RSP 561, HD 2967 and WH 1080 were crossed with donor parents PBW 752 and PBW 779. Marker assisted selection was conducted in segregating generations using SSR markers Xpsp3000 and Xbarc8 linked to Yr10 and Yr15 respectively. The application of molecular markers facilitated identification of individual plants in segregating generations possessing the targeted genes. Ten homozygous pyramided lines were obtained with the background of elite cultivars with high yield potential and other useful agronomical traits. Agronomic performance of improved lines was compared with that of the recipient parent they showed high resemblance with recipient parents along with stripe rust resistance. These pyramided lines can be used as donor for breeding disease resistance lines in future breeding programme. These can also be used as potential varieties after conducting multi-location yield trials.

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