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Title : Pruning impact on flowering in Tamarind clones under high density planting

Abstract :

High density planting of six different tamarind clones viz., FCRI-TAM-06, FCRI-TAM-09, PKM 1, FCRI-TAM-03, FCRI-TAM-04 and FCRI-TAM-08 with spacing of 6 x 6 m was planted at Precision Silvicultural Field, Forest College and Research Institute, Mettupalayam in the year 2018. Pruning operation was adopted for the quick initiation of flower buds which was standardized at the height of 4 ft. Results of pruning revealed that significant difference was observed for chlorophyll content, leaf nutrient viz., Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in different stages of fruit formation. Clone varied considerably in number of fruits and fruit yield per tree, in which FCRI-TAM-06 recorded maximum yield (4.78 kg/tree) and minimum fruit yield was recorded in FCRI-TAM-04 (0.05 kg/tree).

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