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Title : Professional Competence of Extension Personnel in Punjab State

Abstract :

Agriculture is a vital sector of India's economy, contributing 20.2 percent to the country's Gross Value Added. In light of the increasing demand for food products due to ever increasing population, extension personnel need the latest knowledge and skills to educate and train farmers. This study was undertaken with the objective of measuring the professional competence of extension personnel. The sample consists of trainees from various training programmes regarding competency development organized by PAMETI in 2017–2018. 5 trainings were chosen by purposive sampling from the list procured by PAMETI. 24 trainees each from 5 different trainings were selected by random sampling method. Thus, a sample of 120 trainees from PAMETI and PAU Ludhiana was selected for the final data collection. The majority of the trainees possessed high human relations, communication, motivation, and supervising skills, whereas the majority possessed medium technical expertise, planning, leadership, coordination, conflict-management, and organizing skills. It was found that the average competence index is highest for human relations skills, whereas the average competence index is lowest for organizational skills. The majority of the trainees were perceived to lie in the medium category of the overall competence index, followed by the high and low categories.

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