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Title : Production and Export Competitiveness of Fruits in Indian Context

Abstract :

With the prime motto of doubling farmer’s income by 2022 via production of high value crops and diversification of crops, fruit production is being encouraged to a large extent in India. Fruits being rich in nutrients and high value returns from fruits proved as a viable solution in stabilizing and raising the farm income and increasing the employment opportunities. The present study was an attempt to analyze the recent scenario of fruit production and export performance from India along with the export competitiveness of major important fruits exported from India. Revealed comparative advantage ratio was used to analyze the export competitiveness of major fruits exported from India. The area and production of fresh fruits changes over the years. During 2017-18, area under fruits was 65.06 lakh hectares and production was 973.58 lakh metric tonnes. The study revealed that exports of total fruits from India increased with the increase in production of fruits since 2010. Andhra Pradesh (13.88 percent) and Maharashtra (11.45 percent) served as the leading states in terms of production of total fruits during 2015-18. Among all the fruits, fresh grapes (38.67 per cent) and fresh mangoes (7.78 per cent) followed by banana (7.10 per cent) contributed highest share in total fruit exports by value from India during 2017-18. Revealed comparative advantage ratio for all the considered fruits was less than one except fresh grapes and the group of mangoes, mangostene and guava during the study period which signified that country must make efforts to integrate production, storage, marketing and processing of different fruits to get maximum export earnings.

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