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Title : Probiotics for Sustainable Agriculture: Prospects and Challenges

Abstract :

The combined influence of conventional agricultural practice and booming population, entice the advanced research on sustainable agriculture. The basic goal of sustainable agriculture includes environmental health, social & economic equity and economic viability, which can be achieved by supplementation of plant probiotics. It will not only fulfil the prime goals of sustainable agriculture but also enhance microbial biodiversity in soil. These latent microbes when applied to host plants, colonize independently or as endophytes and are potentially involved in plant growth promotion, nitrogen fixation, siderophore production, phosphate solubilization and biocontrol activities. Additionally, they have a unique property to break down the complex nutrients into simpler ones thereby improving the soil fertility. The phytobiomes act as an eco-friendly substitute for chemical fertilizers as it promotes plant health, growth & productivity along with soil health leading to organic farming. Hence, this review put forth views pertaining to the traits and applications of potent plant probiotics for sustainable agriculture.

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