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Title : Preparation of Fish Ham Using Low Value Fish by mixing Red Meat of Tuna Chunks and its Quality Attributes

Abstract :

The fish and fishery products represent an excellent option as a major source of nutrients. The consummation of fish is compatible with the reduction of various diseases. The objective of the current study was to prepare the ham using low-value fish mixing with red meat of tuna chunk and its proximate composition and sensory attribute. The low-value fish bull's eye and Tuna were collected from the Mangalore landing center. The preliminary quality of raw material was analyzed. Fish ham was prepared by mixing fish paste and cured tuna cubes (60:40). The obtained results for the preliminary quality of raw material showed that all the biochemical, microbiological parameters were within an acceptable range and raw material was fit for the preparation of Fish ham. The results of proximate composition revealed that the fish ham is a good source of protein, fat, and ash contents that are required in human diets. The result of the sensory score of the sensory attributes overall acceptability showed 8.50 from the 9.00 hedonic scale which indicates the excellent results from the human acceptability point of view. The current study developed the process protocol of fish ham preparation using low-value fish underutilized and fetched a low price in the market.

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