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Title : Preliminary Study on Development of Autonomous Robot for Oil Palm Loose Fruits Collector

Abstract :

Oil palm industry is a major contributor to nation’s revenue, however the technology used is simply archaic. Not only that, other industries which are also equally as consequential to generate revenue for the nation have embarked on developing autonomous machines and robot. For this reason, a robot which is entrusted to avail human in amassing loose oil palm fruit has been developed for preliminary studies purpose. While it is a simple robot doing simple tasks in a human-understandable form, it enables straightforward transformation and a revolutionary breakthrough for agriculture industry. This approach imposes the concept of image processing. To narrow the scope of research in this paper, three of the most elementary robot skills: sensing, moving, and vacuuming, are being focused on. To enable future automatic translation from designation to code, a formal designation of the introduced concept has been developed. The robot that has been designed is constructed using cost- efficient materials and works flawlessly under desirable condition. Proximity sensor, as the name implies, is used to measure the distance between the robot and the incoming fruit that is to be sucked. Pi camera, a special camera which is using a proprietary connection with the microcontroller functions as to detect the fruit and send the information to the Raspberry Pi. The probabilities of deploying this robot in the oil plantation are assessed.

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