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Title : Preliminary Analysis of Physical and Flowability Properties in Measuring Caking Formation of Commercial Soft Brown Sugars

Abstract :

Soft brown sugar is a sugar product with a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses, known for its added flavour and faster caramelization properties. It is widely used as an ingredient for baking goods. The problem of caking in soft brown sugar has been causing quality deterioration as well as interfering with manufacturing and handling processes in the industry. The aim of this study is to determine the possible factors leading to the caking of sugar in terms of physical properties and flowability properties. These factors are moisture content that is related to colour absorbance as an indication of molasses content, mean particle size, and flowability properties. The moisture content was found to be approximately proportional to the colour absorbance. The mean particle size and moisture content influenced the flowability of the soft brown sugar samples. Compaction of brown sugar into compacts was conducted to imitate industrial warehouse storage conditions in order to investigate the factors of caking. High moisture and fine mean particle sizes were the factors that caused formation of solid bridges between particles hence caking found in this study. In conclusion, the factors that caused caking were high moisture content and fine particle size of brown sugar samples.

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