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Title : Preferences of Indigenous Fish Species according to Profitability by the Fish Farmers in Manipur, Northeast India

Abstract :

The current study was undertaken to determine the farmers' preferences for native fish species based on profitability in Manipur. The study involved 80 farmers from three villages in the Nambol block of Bishnupur district: Ishok, Oinam, and Naorem. A sample survey of farmers was conducted utilizing a personal interview method with a pretested and well-structured interview schedule. The respondents were chosen using a random sampling method. Ngakra, Pengba, Ngaton, Ngakichow, Nganap, and Ngasang are the six indigenous fish species. They're offered in pairs to the responders (fish farmers) in 15 different combinations. The respondents were asked to choose one Indigenous fish species over the other from each pair that they believe is more profitable. The Method of Paired Comparisons was used to analyze the data. According to the fish farmers, Ngakra is first in terms of profitability, followed by Pengba, Ngaton, Ngakichow, Ngasang, and Nganap.

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