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Title : Post-Harvest Screening of Pearlmillet, Pennisetum glaucum (Linn.) R. Br. Emend Stuntz.Varieties against Rice Moth, Corcyra cephalonica Staint.

Abstract :

Ten varieties of pearlmillet (RHB-173, RHB-177, MPMH-17, HHB-67, Pro Agro-9450, Pro Agro-9001, Pioneer 86 m 86, Pioneer 86 m 84, Pioneer 86 m 38 and Raj-171.) were evaluated for reaction to Corcyra cephalonicaStaint in the laboratory conditions. The adult emergence (F1), weight losses and susceptibility index in these varieties were ranged from 9.33-32.00, 10.44-31.69% and 2.77-6.82, respectively, the minimum in Pioneer 86 m 86 and maximum in Raj-171; other varieties were in the middle order. The seed damage recorded in different varieties ranged from 23.67-75.84%, the minimum in Pioneer 86 m 86 (23.67%), Pro Agro-9450 (25.55%) and Pro Agro-9001 (28.33%); these treatments were found at par each other. The Raj-171 was badly infested (75.84% grain damage), which differed significantly over other varieties. The developmental period of the pest varied from 50.88-80.61 days in different varieties, minimum being in Raj-171 and maximum in Pioneer 86 m 86.

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