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Title : Population fluctuation of Earias spp. (Fab.) on ‘okra’ in relation to abiotic factors

Abstract :

Okra shoot and fruit borer, Earias spp. is the major pest of okra. It is important to understand to what extent, this pest causes damage in okra field, and how do they respond to the prevailing environmental conditions. We studied extent of damage by Earias spp., and its correlation with abiotic factors. The study was done at Department of Entomology, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, during kharif season, 2019. The study was carried out from August, 2019 (32nd standard meteorological week) to October 2019 (42nd standard meteorological week). The initiation of larval population was found to be from 32nd SMW, while it reached at its peak (8.67 larvae/ 5 plants) during 39th SMW. Infestation of fruits initiated from 34th SMW (0.48%), and increased gradually till 40th SMW (39.41%). Temperature was recorded to be the major factor affecting the population of this pest. Larval population showed a significant and negative correlation with the maximum (r= -0.568*), minimum (r= -0.643*) and average (r=-0.664*) temperature, along with evening relative humidity (r= -0.590*) and rainfall (r= -0.590*). This study provides basic knowledge about the incidence and damage caused by this pest, and its behaviour towards various abiotic factors.

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