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Title : Physico-chemical and Microbiological Analysis of Brown Rice Based Instant Porridge Mix during Ambient Storage

Abstract :

In developing nations, malnutrition is a serious nutritional problem. This primarily occurs as a result of inadequate nutritional intake and utilization. Therefore, our objective was to develop healthy instant porridge from locally available sources with improved nutritional value. Brown rice grits, pumpkin powder and germinated mungbean grits, were blended in the ratios of T1 (100:00:00:: Brown rice grits (BRG): Pumpkin powder (PP): Germinated mungbean grits (GMG), T2 (85:05:10:: BRG: PP: GMG), T3 (80:10:10:: BRG: PP: GMG), T4 (75:15:10:: BRG: PP: GMG), T5 (70:20:10:: BRG: PP: GMG), T6 (65:25:10:: BRG: PP: GMG) and T7 (60:30:10:: BRG: PP: GMG). The formulated porridge mix was packed in laminate pouches and its storability was studied for 90 days under ambient conditions. The physio-chemical analysis of instant porridge mix revealed that maximum mean L* value of 61.20, a* value of 5.33 and b* value of 28.52, moisture (5.68%), crude fibre (2.07%), ash (2.74%), β-carotene (302.19 µg/g) were recorded in T7 whereas, T1 recorded highest water activity (0.58), crude fat (2.07%), carbohydrates (81.43%). Highest mean crude protein (12.64%) was recorded in T2. Sensory evaluation revealed that T5 recorded highest mean overall acceptability (7.80).

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