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Title : Physical properties of Toy making species Givotia rottleriformis Griff.

Abstract :

The diminishing resources of Givotia rottleriformis in natural forest due to its excessive felling and natural poor regeneration. Since the wooden artisans are unable to meet the adequate amount of Poniki wood in toy manufacturing industries. The current study attempted to evaluate the physical properties of Givotia rottleriformis wood such as density, moisture content, water absorption, volumetric swelling and volumetric shrinkage as per IS:1708(1986) and comparison with other wood species like Bombax ceiba, Artocarpus hirsutus, Pterocarpus santalinus, Abies pindrow and Pinus roxburghii. It was found that Bombax ceiba has showed the similar wood physical properties such as density, water absorption, volumetric shrinkage and volumetric swelling apart from other wood species. Based on physical properties hence, it asserted that the Bombax ceiba wood can be suggested as alternate species used for toy making and can fulfil the deficit needs of wooden artisans.

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