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Title : Performance of mechanically driven CA-based management practices on performance and profitability of wheat crop

Abstract :

A research trial was conducted with different management interventions related to tillage, crop establishment, residue, nutrient and water management to enhance the adaptive capacity of wheat for getting higher crop growth, yield, profitability and nitrogen use efficiency in north-west India. Zero tillage wheat (ZTW) with residue (+R) under subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) improved the growth and yield attributes i.e. plant population, plant height, dry matter accumulation, grains per spike and 1000-grain weight over the conventional practices (CT) with and without residue (-R and +R) under flood irrigation (FI). ZTW+R+SDI improved productive tillers by 18% and protein content by 9.6% compared to CTW-R+FI. On 2-years mean, ZT+SDI treatment recorded 24.1% higher crop productivity and saved 8.6% of N fertilizer and improved the profitability by 51.5% compared to CTW-R+FI. ZTW with FI also improved productivity and profitability by 8.3 and 45.5%, respectively compared to farmer’s practice (CTW-R+FI).

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