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Title : Performance of Major Seed spice crops in Rajasthan during Pre and post-Agri Export Zone periods: In context of Growth, Instability and Decomposition analysis

Abstract :

Present study was conducted to investigate the growth, instability and decomposition analysis in area, production, and productivity of major seed spice crops in Rajasthan. This study was entirely based on secondary data and the study period was divided into three sub-periods: pre-Agri Export Zone Period (1991-92 to 2004-05), post-Agri Export Zone Period (2005-06 to 2019-20), and overall period (1991-92 to 2019-20). The data was analysed using the compound annual growth rate, Cuddy-Della Valle instability index and decomposition models to accomplish the objectives of the study. The results of study indicated that highest growth rates were seen in the production of fenugreek (7.53%), cumin (18.66%), and fennel (11.15%) during the pre-AEZ, post-AEZ, and overall periods. The highest instability were found in fennel production in Rajasthan, with 49.73, 65.51, and 73.76 percent, respectively. The interaction effect was the driving force behind increased output in the coriander, cumin, fennel, and fenugreek crops in pre-AEZ and post-AEZ periods, whereas the yield effect was dominant for overall period.

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