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Title : Perceived impact of climate change on paddy farming in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu

Abstract :

This study examined the perceived impact of climate change among Paddy farmers in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu state in India. Among the 38 districts of Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinam district was selected to conduct the present study. This is situated in coastal area and very often subjected to natural calamities which were mainly reflected on the paddy cultivation to the worst status. Data for the study were collected from 200 respondents in the study area by adopting simple random sampling technique. The study revealed that the economic fluctuations was highly perceived (0.92) by the respondents when compare to all other impacts of climate change. In addition, the climate change impact on crop nature (0.702), soil (0.689), water (0.706), agro climate status (0.755) were also perceived by the respondents. Decreased crop yield (2.915) and decreased annual income from paddy crop (2.870) were secured high mean score under the criteria of economic fluctuations. Climate change is perceived as a serious threat to paddy eco systems. Changing rainfall pattern might lead to the reduction of water in streams, rivers, water bodies and likely to result in high deposition of salt concentration in the water bodies. As per perceived impact index analysis, crop destruction and decreased annual income from paddy crop were experienced by majority of the respondents due to climate change. Hence, identification and popularization of alternative cropping system in the study area would help the affected farmers to cope with adverse climatic condition. Further, in order to improve the organic carbon content of the soil the importance of organic manures, vermiculture, biofertilizers, biopesticides has to be popularized for conserving soil fertility.

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