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Title : Optimizing seed germination testing protocol for Hedge Lucerne [Desmanthus virgatus (L) Wild]

Abstract :

Hedge Lucerne [Desmanthus virgatus (L) Wild] is a highly variable perennial legume fodder crop critical for forage needs. However, it encounters challenges due to insufficient availability of quality seeds, attributed to poor seed production potential and limited knowledge in seed production technology. To address this issue and ensure seed quality, research aimed to develop seed testing procedures for Hedge lucerne. The study evaluated the effect of media, temperature and counting time on Hedge lucerne seed germination. Tests incorporated three different media types – top of paper, between paper and sand combined with constant temperatures of 20° C, 25 ° C and 30° C, as well as an alternate temperature of 20/30° C. Results revealed that the between paper method and the alternate temperature of 20/30° C exhibited the most favourable outcomes for seed germination. This combination recorded the highest germination per cent (84 %), root length (11.3 cm), shoot length (5.4 cm), seedling dry weight (23.75 mg/ 10 seedling) and vigour index – I (1994). Moreover, the study identified specific timelines for various germination stages: days required for initiation of germination (2.3days), germination of 50 per cent of seeds first count day (3.5days), onset of seedlings withering (11.7days) and the start of seedling mortality (12.2days). Consequently, it is recommended to take first count on the 4th day and the final count on the 12th day, as seedling withering become noticeable beyond this period in Hedge lucerne.

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