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Title : Optimization of wholesome composite cereal and fruit-based smoothie employing Response Surface Methodology

Abstract :

Smoothies are characterized as beverages having better nutritional and functional properties due to inclusion of variety of ingredients. These can be further categorized as dairy and non-dairy, on the basis of choice of ingredients utilized. In the present study, the milk-based smoothie fortified with vital cereal (constituting oats, chia seeds) and fruits-based ingredients (antioxidant-rich fruit-the blueberries) was developed. To start with, various preliminary trials were conducted to select the range for major ingredients which has major influence on the sensory parameters of the beverage. However, to further narrow down these ranges and visualizing minor effect of these entities on sensory & physico-chemical properties, modern mathematical optimization tool of response surface methodology (RSM) was utilized. To bring out a uniform composition, concentration of chia seeds, and milk composition was remained constant. The estimation of a comprehensive quadratic model with interaction effects was made possible by using a Box-Behnken experimental design with three levels on the three most important parameters. It was observed that the concentration of all parameters (oats, honey and blueberries) had significant effect on the sensory attributes (P≤0.05). The optimization exercise brought a composition of 1.5, 6.5 and 6.0 percent oats, honey & blueberries with maximum desirability of 0.923, approaching to 1. Examined models effectively demonstrated the significant influence on different process parameters indicating significant regression of coefficients (R2>85%). Non-significant results difference between predicted and observed values validated the authenticity of optimization applied.

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