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Title : Oil Palm FFB Productivity Data Assessment for Selection of Evacuating Machine

Abstract :

Palm oil production starts with fresh fruit bunch (FFB) harvesting and evacuation in the field. Time to evacuate the FFB is crucial as it could affect the quality of the oil produced. Thus, an infield evacuation machine is required. The selection of machinery is vital to fit the operation conditions and to optimise the return of investment. One way of machinery evaluation is through a productivity-based approach, where actual operating data is used to conduct the assessment. This study evaluated the performance of three machines, the three-wheel, hydra- porter and mini-tractor, for FFB evacuation. Evaluation in the field indicated that hydra-porter provided higher efficiency and lower operating cost despite the high capital cost. At least 20% difference in efficiency and operating cost reduction were achieved compared to the other two technologies tested in the selected sites. Besides, it required only a single operator for the task with higher productivity. In general, machinery for oil palm is an essential investment for field operation. Therefore, a systematic assessment of technologies to be adopted in operation is a prerequisite decision. Substantial operational data need to be made available for automation in the data-driven industry.

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