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Title : Nanotechnology for health management in aquaculture

Abstract :

The increase in antimicrobial resistance and the chemical residues in tissues of the cultured fishes from the chemotherapeutants used in aquaculture, has led to the investigation of new alternatives which could be used for treating the diseases of aquaculture system. Several studies were carried out to discover a better health management tool in aquaculture. Nanotechnology which is a field of science and technology which is now being used in many systems. Currently the use of nanotechnology is increasing in many fields such as engineering, agriculture and other food production sectors. The use of nanotechnology in aquaculture is also increasing in the present years. Nanotechnology application in aquaculture serves to be an effective eco-friendly alternative to the antibiotic and chemotherapeutant usage in aquaculture. Nanoparticles can be applied in aquaculture in several ways, through the direct introduction into water or added in through the feed and given to fishes. It is known to enhance the growth, improve the immune status, disease prevention, disease detection and management in the system. The nanotechnology could serve as a possible tool for health management in aquaculture. This article gives a review on the use of nanotechnology in aquaculture.

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