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Title : Modeling and Analysis for the Rack Bar in Horizontal Broching Machine

Abstract :

In this study, the design of broaching machine for producing rack bars for automobile steering systems. Recently, auto parts are becoming lighter to improve energy efficiency. In addition, the rigidity and precision of the rack bar is important as it becomes more versatile and the importance of connecting parts such as the motor and the reduction gear increases. In addition, production equipment for rack bars must be developed. In this study, a design review of a horizontal broaching machine for rack bar production was conducted. First, the broaching tool was designed. The second was to determine the hydraulic pressure and model a horizontal broaching machine. Afterwards, the boundary conditions were set and finite element analysis was performed. As a result of analysis, vibration is not a problem. However, the deformation amount was larger than the error required by the rack bar, and the design was changed. The amount of deformation was small when comparing the amount of deformation before and after design. In conclusion, accurate broaching tool, hydraulic design and finite element analysis can predict the precision of rack bar production.

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