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Title : Model-free adaptive control design for chaotic systems via Type-2 recurrent wavelet fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Networks

Abstract :

This paper introduces an optimal model named Self-Organizing Type-2 Recurrent Wavelet Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning Network controller (SET2RWFBELNC) with self-evolving algorithm to gain optimal structure from zero initial rule, which merges Interval Type-2 Recurrent Wavelet Fuzzy System and Brain Emotional Learning Network(BELN). As an ideal controller, SET2RWFBELNC not only solves the problem of less information between master and slave systems, but also reduces the influence of external disturbance on synchronization of chaotic systems. Consequently, one model-free adaptive sliding mode controller based on SET2RWFBELNC, sliding model theory, and the asymptotic stability of the synchronization error is realized by robust compensation, in which the strong compensation used for the compensation of the network error. Besides, the Lyapunov function improves the stability of the model. Finally, simulation results of the chaotic system presented in this paper show the superiority of this method.

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