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Title : Microwave-assisted dehulling of pigeon pea (Cajanus Cajan)

Abstract :

This research was undertaken to examine the impact of microwave pre- treatment on pigeon pea dehulling. The experiments were conducted three microwave power levels, 450 W, 630 W, and 810 W, at different five exposers from 60 to 180 s at the time interval of 30 s to see pigeon pea dehulling with the pre-milling treatment of microwave exposure for achieving maximum dehulling yield, dhal yield, good dehulled grains in terms of quality with minimum dehulling loss. It has been noted that dehulling yield increased with microwave power and exposure period. The highest dehulling yield, 73.46%, was achieved 810 W with 150 s exposure. At these conditions, max dhal yields, i.e., 72.30%, with dehulling loss of 6.46%. So, this requirement was the correct one to be the better one to get a higher dhal yield. These findings are also valuable for the pulse processing industry and fabricators for designing a continuous type pulse pre-milling treater unit. Thus, it could be highlighted that the microwave pre-milling treatment is more suitable for pulse processing like pigeon pea. This also presents an improvised method for pre-milling treatments for commercial adoption.

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