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Title : Micro propagation (in vitro) techniques for Malabar Neem (Melia dubia Cav.)

Abstract :

Melia dubia Cav. is a Meliaceae family and the synonym of Melia composite Willd. It is a fast-growing deciduous tree with a strong, straight cylindrical bole and broad branches. The increased demand for wood and fiber and the declining availability of wood supplies have prompted investigations into the potential fast-growing species suitable for various wood-based industries, in particular, the pulp and paper industry. A diverse range of short-rotation forestry species have been deployed for commercial utility and large-scale plantations have been established as a source of industrial wood raw materials. Tissue culture plays an important role in solving the problem through rapid in vitro multiplication of novel genotypes and screening useful variants. Currently, successful methodologies have been developed through tissue culture and their possible application in forestry. The micro propagation studies identified nodal segments as ideal explant; the MS + 5.0mgl -1 of Kinetin and 2.0mgl -1 of BAP as the medium for shoot bud organogenesis and MS medium containing 3mg l -1 of IAA and 2mg l -1 of IBA as ideal medium for rhizogenesis.

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