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Title : Medicinal plants-mediated biogenic synthesis of nanoparticles and their roles in new generation agricultural practices

Abstract :

The nanoparticles (NPs) refer to the matter at the nanoscale (1-100 nm). Despite their size, they are proving their efficiency in numerous domains. The agriculture sectors have also explored and are being benefitted by its novel applications. Previously, the NPs were synthesized through physical and chemical methods. However, those methods came with expensive and environmentally hazardous results. This diverted the research community towards the green route of NPs synthesis using the biological existents. The plants, due to their abundance, are considered to be an ideal candidate for the large-scale synthesis of NPs. The more the biological value, the more is the quality and stability of NPs. Considering this context, this review gives details on the medicinal plant-mediated green synthesis of NPs. This also discusses various applications and recent advances of NPs application in agriculture sectors.

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