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Title : Mechanism and Potential Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi as Biocontrol Agents

Abstract :

AM fungi establish a symbiotic relationship with most of the plant root systems, thereby forming a vital part of terrestrial ecosystems. It is unique association that play important role in nutrient exchange, increase the uptake of mineral nutrients from the soil through the external hyphal network (extra-radical hyphae) by solubilizing phosphate, nitrogen and other essential micro nutrients such as Ca, Cu, Mn and Zn. AM (fungi) association also improved soil structure, increase drought tolerance and enhanced beneficial harmone such phytoalexins, cellulose deposition, hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins, phenolics, peroxidases, chitinases, β-1-3 glucanases and pathogenesis related proteins that leads to resistance against plant pathogens. These fungi have the antagonistic ability against plant pathogens and act as bio-stimulants and bio-protectors that ensure crop production and protection, reducing plant pathogenic population to safeguard sustainable farming without harming the environment. As biocontrol agents, mycorrhiza reduces the incidence and severity of several plant diseases caused by soil borne pathogens and nematode.

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