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Title : Mathematical Model for Calculating Humus Balance and Doses of Organic Fertilizers Using Big Data

Abstract :

The article presents mathematical models to forecast the humus balance of agricultural lands in the Central region of Russia, developed by scientists of Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution FSAC VIM on the basis of an array of big data of field experiments of the Geographic Network of Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "All- Russian Research Institute of Agrochemistry". On the basis of the presented mathematical models, a software package has been formed, the use of which makes it possible to predict the dynamics of humus in the system of crop rotations, doses and total demand for organic fertilizers necessary to maintain a positive balance of soil organic matter with a known specific weight of perennial grasses, to produce a rational formation of the structure of sown areas, crop rotations and agricultural technologies aimed at preserving and increasing soil fertility and its biological activity.

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