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Title : Marketing and Constraints faced by Kinnow Growers in Sirsa District of Haryana

Abstract :

Kinnow is being widely cultivated in North-Western part of India comprising the states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. The present study was conducted in Sirsa district of Haryana. A sample of thirty kinnow respondents was taken purposively from various villages in Mandi Dabwali block of Sirsa district of Haryana. A comparison of price spread through different marketing channels has revealed that producers’ share in consumers’ rupee was the highest (about 93.05%) in channel-V, due to self-sale in the local market. The marketing efficiency has been found to be highest in channel-V. The producer got maximum benefits in channel-V, therefore this channel should be followed to make producer highest beneficiary; although this channel has its own limitations. The major problems faced by the farmers in the production of kinnow are indicates that 90.00 per cent of the respondents were claiming high cost of pesticides, high cost of seed (83.33%), high cost of fertilizer (80.00%), lack of knowledge of recommended fertilizer doses (80.00%), lack of knowledge about the control measures for various pests and diseases (76.67%). These were followed by difficulty in identifying the pests and diseases (66.67%), shortage of electricity power for processing (73.33%), lack of technical manpower (66.67%), problems in the arrangement of finance (63.33%), lack of processing unit (60.00%), lack of good quality packaging material (53.33%),fluctuation in raw material and procurement (50.00%), constraints regarding location of site (46.67%).

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