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Title : Maize ear threshing - An experimental investigation

Abstract :

Maize harvest was a bottleneck for maize-scale production in the Huanghai Plain. Factors influencing the harvest of corn grains are: the biomechanical properties of corn and the technical parameters of the harvesting machine. In this study, we described how the threshing system is established in the combination of tangential flow and lateral axial flow. Shell grain damage rate was selected as the goal of this experimental study, and variation in the goal was investigated in relation to the biological properties of maize. Threshing experiments were performed to determine the effect of the main biological factor, the water content of the grains. After that, the main technical parameters were defined for the peripheral velocity of the threshing drum. The feed amount was economically maintained at 2.6 kg · s -1, and in this study, the threshing clearance was maintained at 36 mm for corn ears of average diameter. When the water content was 28% or less, the threshing ability of the tangential flow drum was similar to that of the axial flow drum. When the water content was 28% or more, the threshing ability of the tangential flow drum decreased significantly. When the water content is 24-26% and the peripheral velocity of the axial threshing drum is 17.28 m / s -1, the minimum value of the shell grain damage rate of the threshing system is 1.7%, which is the minimum value. there were.

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