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Title : Linking Actors Related-Stakeholders By Applying Network Analyses In Promoting Economic Advantages of The Goat Business In West Papua

Abstract :

The goat has been taking the places on farmers' needs just recently due to its products, i.e. slurry. It has brought a significant impact on economic advantages for small farmers. Those are due to stakeholders’ involvement in promoting its development. The study was done in Manokwari using the descriptive method by using focus group discussion towards twenty various represented individuals, groups, and mass institutions. The queries discussed concerning the background, resources delivery, inter connectivity among actors using Pearson correlation coefficient and similarity matrix, power, and interest of actor’s delivery of intervention and innovation of actors. The goat farming system in West New Guinea is shaped by related groups, lawyers, privates, and stakeholders rather than shareholders. The actors are important and have a positive effect. The actors have a low direct threat and slight high turn back effect. The four top shared resources consist of access, satisfaction, time, and space. The actors have a willingness to contribute in a long-term period and can sustain their support. However, the power of resources shared is neutral and therefore needs further intervention. The relationship of SNA is showing a relationship of similarity and with a greater positive correlation of each actor due to high interest and high power. The five top intervention for goat farming system is skills, feed materials, policy, funds, and satisfaction. While innovation needed by actors are skills, policy, knowledge, feed materials, and fund.

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