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Title : Lean Management and BPM, a strong combination for process improvements

Abstract :

At this time, many questions are asked about the best way to implement Lean Management effectively in a company. The Lean method, number one in the automotive world, an object of adaptation of the continuous processes to changes in customer demand or context. It is applicable to the information system. It has even become essential, since Lean improves the functioning of all the IT activities in which it has been tested, in particular BPM which helps structure the business processes of the company. Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean Management help companies streamline their business processes across applications and organizational boundaries. To more easily define how to transpose methods from the industrial world to BPM, it is therefore important to follow an effective implementation model and frameworks. To get there, in addition to the advanced tools that can: determine, develop, deploy, administer, manage and improve the process and skills, this article presents the implementation models and frameworks adapted to the situation of each business.

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