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Title : IoT based patient care model for highly communicable diseases in times of Covid19

Abstract :

As Covid-19 has become a matter of concern and provocation in the medical sector, the Internet Thing has enhanced humanity through advanced patient care in the healthcare zone. This is accomplished by the employment of a remote patient monitoring system. Consequently, the IoT-based monitoring systems are remarkably favorable for Covid-19 patients. The enactment of patient the health monitoring system is worthwhile as it remotely estimates the health condition of the patient. This has ameliorated the healthcare services by evading the physical contact, thereby facilitating the timely detection of coronavirus cases. The fundamental idea of this paper is to propose a patient monitoring system in times of Covid-19. The dataset of coronavirus patients is taken from API. This dataset comprises pulse rate and oxygen saturation, body temperature, and blood pressure monitor. The final evaluation and analysis have been done to depict the medical condition. The system will monitor mainly the pulse rate and the oxygen level, body temperature, and blood pressure monitor by the adoption of various sensors and the microprocessor Arduino Uno. In the presence of the ESP8266 Node MCU wi-fi module, Arduino will assemble the data from the numerous sensors and send this data to the server. The proposed design of this system is not only efficient in diminishing the fatality rates but also builds up the lives of humans the times of compulsion through its alert technique. Furthermore, this system will originate cautions to emergency services and the hospitals.

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