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Title : Investigations of Nature Inspired Intelligence in the space of Path Planning and looking in Cross Country with thought of different obliged boundaries

Abstract :

The Firefly and Cuckoo search algorithm are the best known algorithms for solving meta- heuristics optimization problems. It is necessary to develop hybrid algorithms derived from Firefly and Cuckoo search algorithms, for finding cross country optimized path as to detect the probability of terrorists in the country defense system. By moving from source to destination (terrorists), the best optimized path is chosen. To track the movement of terrorists and their location (region), the Firefly algorithm can be used which has the behavior to get inspired very quickly from the flashing behavior of fireflies. Through this property we have chosen the best region among various regions based on its light. Then after it, the optimized path is find out from that region using Cuckoo search which has the behavior of laying its own eggs in the nests of other host birds. This research paper discusses about the working of firefly and cuckoo search algorithm and their advantages and disadvantages. Later, we analyze the performance of firefly algorithm and cuckoo search on the basis of various factors such as light, communication and behavior.

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