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Title : Investigation of three lateritic soils mixed with Geopolymer based Kaolin – Rice husk ash as road construction materials.

Abstract :

This paper explores the usage of two wastes (Portland cement powder (PCP) and rice husk ash (RHA) for improving the engineering strength of threesubgradelateritic soil gotten from where road failures are prominent in Nigeria. It displays an experimental perception on the stabilization of the soil with RHA+PCP-based geopolymer. In the RHA-PCP based geopolymer, the stabilizers were blended with the lateritic soil in varying quantities ranging from 2 to 10% for RHA-PCP stabilization. Subsequently, the optimum percentage of RHA-PCP was activated with sodium silicate. The results demonstrate improved mechanical with the two stabilizers. Conversely, the stabilization done with RHA at 10% and geopolymer (6% cement plus 6% RHA and 8% PCP) were the optimal. By and large, RHA stabilization behaved better than PCP geopolymer stabilization.

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