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Title : Inhibition of glycation and multiple marker analysis using extracts of Nanorrhinum ramosissimum (Wall.) Betsche: An under investigated plant species

Abstract :

Glycation leads to subsequent production of advanced oxidative protein products and glycation end products that contribute immensely in manifesting various diabetic complications. Bioactive molecules from medicinal plant sources with antiglycation properties can significantly check these alterations. Nanorrhinum ramosissimum, a traditionally acclaimed medicinal herb that has been used in the Indian indigenous systems of medicine and treatment and has been known for curing diabetes. In the present study, aqueous shoot extract of field and in vitro regenerated N. Ramosissimum was used for estimation of antiglycation potential. Inhibition of glycation was analyzed by estimating different antiglycation markers (fructosamine, protein carbonyl group, thiol group, amino group and advanced oxidation protein products) at multiple stages by co-incubation of plant extracts with bovine serum albumin-methylglyoxal glycation model. The plant extracts displayed significant antiglycation potential at all stages. The present study might be able to draw the attention of different researchers and medical practitioners towards wider acceptability of this valuable medicinal plant N. Ramosissimum so that it could further be explored and subsequently utilized in combating pathogenic complications associated with diabetes.

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