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Title : Information on Non-coding RNAs in the alleviation of biotic stress in rice

Abstract :

Rice is the major staple food crop across the globe. Rice productivity is hindered by several biotic and abiotic stresses, which cause serious damage to plant growth and yield losses. Understanding the regulatory molecular events and their biological mechanisms, which are interconnected through the molecular interaction process to minimize the yield losses caused by the occurrence of stress factors, is of great importance. In this study, the data on experimentally curated stress-responsive miRNAs and lncRNAs in rice were collected from the literature and stored in a database. The chromosome map, bipartite network, and blast options were developed for miRNA. The basic features of miRNA (402) and LncRNA (4,543) include miRNA, miRNA ID, position, chromosome no, sequence, regulation, and protein function. For LncRNA, gene ID, chromosome number, gene regulation strands for abiotic stress and transcript ID, chromosome number, gene regulation strands for biotic stress, chromoMap network, and blast options were included in the database.The database can be efficiently used for genetic engineering experiments such as the development of CRISPR/cas9 construct and generation of transgenic plants and also for molecular breeding, which would facilitate the development of high-yielding rice varieties with broad-spectrum biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.

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