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Title : Influences of Dressing Parameters on Wheel Wear in Internal Cylindrical Grinding Operation

Abstract :

An important factor in the internal cylindrical grinding process (ICGP) is grinding wheel wear (Gw). One of the important factors affecting the Gw value is the dressing parameters. Thus, this work inspected the impact of dressing parameters on the Gw value in the ICGP using the Taguchi method. The implemented experiments considered the L16(44x22) orthogonal array on an internal cylindrical grinding machine. The selected process parameters are dressing feed rate (S), rough dressing times (nr), fine dressing times (nf), rough dressing depth (ar), fine dressing depth (af), and non-feeding dressing (nnon). Based on the Taguchi method, the impact of these input on the Gw value in the ICGP was calculated. The impact level of nr on Gw value is the biggest (equivalent to its influence level is 55.08%). Then, another important influencing factor for Gw was found to be nnon with 17.78%. The smallest influencing factor on Gw is S. In addition, the optimal dressing parameters has been determined. The optimal dressing mode for the minimize Gw value includes one times the rough dressing with a cutting depth of 0.025 mm/stroke, two times the fine dressing with a cutting depth of 0.015 mm/stroke, two times the non-feeding dressing and a feed rate of 1.2 m/min.

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