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Title : Influence of different rootstocks on Physico-Chemical Quality attributes of Kinnow mandarin

Abstract :

Performance of Kinnow mandarin scion was assessed on eight different rootstocks in the rainfed condition of Jammu subtropics, Jammu & Kashmir (UT) of India to expand its cultivation and fruit availability for rural areas peoples. During investigation it was observed that Kinnow mandarin scion was attained the maximum plant highest (275cm), No of fruits (196.00), total yield (27.44kg/plant ), maximum TSS (11.33oBrix), total sugar (7.95%), reducing sugar (5.66%), non-reducing sugar (2.29%), ascorbic acid (25.25mg/100g) and lower content of acidity content (0.83%) was also obtained on jattikhatti rootstock, whereas the maximum plant spread [N-S=210.00 cm] and [E-W= 205.00 cm], fruit weight (145.00g), fruit length (5.72cm), fruit breath (6.85cm), No. of segment (11.66) and minimum no. of seed (20.00) and highest fruit juice content (55.89ml) was registered in Gargal rootstock. The highest peel weight (53.33g) and Peel thickness (2.40mm) was reported in Rangpur lime rootstock. Overall, it was observed that both Jattikhatti and Gargal can be considered a best rootstock in Jammu region to extend the Kinnow production and superior quality fruits.

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