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Title : Influence of different inorganic and organic fertilizer doses on strawberry growth under hydroponic system

Abstract :

A field experiment is conducted at agriculture field of School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University Phagwara, Punjab. This research work duration period was Oct, 2016 to 15, March 2017. In this experiment we determined the influence of different nutrients concentration on strawberry plants and compare the hydroponic system with the soil experiment in pot system. In this research takes the nine treatments in soil and seven treatments in hydroponic system. The experiment is carried out in RCBD. And the results show the many variation in different growth parameter due to the environment factors and nutrients concentration. In soils T9 (25% RDF + 75% FYM) shows the best yield/plant and good results in the growth parameter. But in hydroponics system the T6 (30% sewage sludge + 70 % cocopeat) shows the best yield/plants and best vegetative growth as compared to the soil treatments.

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