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Title : Induced mutagenesis for male sterility in finger millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.)

Abstract :

Finger millet is highly self-pollinated crop in which emasculation is extremely difficult due to very small size of flowers. The presence of the male sterility will make crossing easier in finger millet which helps in generation of variability and exploitation of heterosis. Therefore, an investigation was aimed to identify male sterile line(s) in M3-M4 generation of, two gamma rays irradiated varieties of finger millet, GPU 28 and KMR 204. Plants with reduced pollen fertility were observed in both the mutated populations and progeny of these selected partial sterile mutants showed unusual segregation behaviour. Progeny of mutants with above 90% pollen sterility were crossed with pigmented varieties to check female sterility also. Few mutants showed good results on pollen sterility, seed set percentage in selfed as well as crossed ear. Identified partial male sterile mutants need to be evaluated in next generations for higher percentage of sterility and their stability.

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