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Title : In sprayers Possibilities of using air motors Possibilities of using pneumomotors in sprinklers

Abstract :

Pneumatic motors have existed in many forms over the past two centuries, ranging in size from hand-held motors to engines of up to several hundred horsepower. Some types rely on pistons and cylinders; others on slotted rotors with vanes (vane motors) and others use turbines. Many compressed air engines improve their performance by heating the incoming air or the engine itself. Pneumatic motors have found widespread success in the hand-held tool industry, but are also used stationary in a wide range of industrial applications. Continual attempts are being made to expand their use to the transportation industry. However, pneumatic motors must overcome inefficiencies before being seen as a viable option in the transportation industry. In the scientific project we discussed the perspective of use of the rotor type pneumo engines in portable splashers (sprinklers). Mathematic modelling of the pneumatic engines is chosen and worked out, gauge sizes, amount of increasing the air, the amount of rotating moment during the rotation of the rotor and the amount of the engine.

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