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Title : Improvement in profitability of mustard through conjunctive use of organic manures, inorganic fertilizer and beneficial microbes in semi arid region of the India

Abstract :

A study was carried out on mustard crop during Rabi season 2020-21. The experiments were conducted on heavy clay soil at Agriculture Research Farm, College of Agriculture, Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda. The experimental design was randomized block design with eight integrated nutrient management options. All treatments were replicated thrice. The experimental results revealed that application of 125% and 100 % RDF along with FYM and biofertilizer consortia increased significantly, number of pods per plant, height per plant, and chemical properties, thereby increased grain yield of mustard significantly in comparison to farmers fertilizer practice (T1), sole application of 100 % RDF (T2) and 50 % reduction of RDF along with FYM and biofertilizer consortia (T8). A slight improvement in organic carbon and available phosphorus was observed from the initial value. Therefore, study recommends, the integration of FYM and beneficial microbes with exiting recommended dose of fertilizer in poor fertile soils during first year.

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