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Title : Implementation of Smart Farming and intimation system through SMS using RASPBERRY PI and TELEGRAM

Abstract :

In this paper, we discuss about how to use a Telegram bot for smart farming on our farmland. As technology advances, the world becomes smarter, and new technologies are created on a daily basis. There are other options to automate smart agriculture, including web servers and websites, but we are currently experimenting with the telegraph app, which is available on both Windows and Android smartphones. The suggested system's capacity to track temperature, humidity, and wetness using sensors and NodeMCU is one of its features. It can do this while also sending SMS alerts and notifying the farmer's smartphone app about the situation. We will install a programme on the Raspberry Pi that allows us to access or manage devices located anywhere in the globe. The Raspberry Pi 3 board is being used to execute the smart automation, although other microcontrollers can also be used to accomplish this. It has a DC motor, moisture sensor, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor. This system begins to measure the level of moisture and humidity. The sensors are used to detect the water level, and if it falls below a certain threshold, the system immediately begins watering. This helps to prevent manual error and reduces the amount of labour required to manually swap the devices. The idea's objective is to increase farmer procurement in the agricultural industry by decreasing human participation.

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