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Title : Implementation of Apple's automatic sorting system based on machine learning

Abstract :

In order to reduce post-harvest losses, the classification of fresh apples is crucial. Taking the hierarchical transmission control system as the object, the research was carried out on the verification of the bus network can flexibly expand the motor equipment, the stable and reliable operation of the motor, and the accuracy of Apple's classification. Combine Labview virtual instrument technology to realize the design of Apple's hierarchical transmission control system based on Controller Area Network technology. Fuzzy PID and traditional PID algorithms are used to simulate and realize the operation of brushless DC motor, and compare the advantages of brushless DC motor control based on fuzzy PID to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. Using the machine learning algorithms model for color detection, the Support Vector Machine algorithm model finally achieved the classification of the three types of apple samples with a recognition rate of 96.7%.

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