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Title : Impacts of Dressing Parameters on Material Removal Rate when Conducting Internal Grinding of Hardened SKD11 Steel

Abstract :

Dressing process has significant effects on the grinding operations when considering the profile accuracy, the topography, and the grinding wheel wear. This study aims to optimize the internal grinding process of hardened SKD11 steel to find the optimum set of dressing parameters that can maximize material removal rate. The input parameters used are Coarse dressing depth, Number of coarse dressing, Fine dressing depth, Number of Fine dressing, Non-feeding dressing, and Dressing feed speed. Taguchi method is utilized to plan experiments for validating predictions. It is found that the number of coarse dressing has the most influential value of 65.83% on the MRR. Moreover, the consistency between the predictions and experiments is confirmed by the Anderson- Darling checking method. It can be drawn that the proposed method can be further applied in other studies.

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